Any tips on how to make a kitchen look classy on a budget?

Remodeling your kitchen can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars, and with inflation raging and high-paying wages in short supply, many simply can’t afford that big of an expense. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t do a few things to update the ‘heart’ of your home. Our remodeling gurus offered several tips on how to refresh your kitchen without breaking the bank. Read on to see what they had to say.

Laurice Constantine

Laurice Constantine

Laurice Constantine, Founder at Casadar.

Four Budget-Friendly Tips to Transform Your Kitchen

One of the rooms in your home that gets the most use is the kitchen. You perform all your daily activities there, including cooking, eating, and entertaining family and friends. A kitchen that is not only practical but also lovely, inviting, and most importantly, comfortable is a need. Here are some suggestions for updating your kitchen on a tight budget:

    1. Consider investing in basic satin nickel base cabinets and drawer pulls rather than lavishing cash on chrome knobs. They are contemporary, straightforward, and cost-effective. They will also match whatever countertop material you decide on.

    2. One of the cheapest ways to refresh your kitchen is by using paint. You should choose a bright color for your accent cabinets while painting the walls a neutral color.

    3. Your kitchen will look very stylish, sophisticated, and shiny with stainless steel appliances. They are a great option for families because they are also simple to maintain and clean.

    4. In addition to giving you quick access to them when you need them, an in-sink organizer will assist in keeping your kitchenware and silverware organized. Furthermore, everything will be visible at a glance, removing the need to search through a drawer for what you need.

Bright Colors and LED Lights

The kitchen looks best when it is visibly clean. You can enhance the effect of cleanliness by choosing bright colors and using LED lights. Make it look shiny. You can buy inexpensive MDF fronts but focus on modern and minimalistic handles for the cabinets. Choose one vivid color for the accessories – cobalt blue and honey are my favorites. Buy accessories like dish towels and pot holders, kitchen utensils, and cups in this color. The details will do the trick. Enjoy your classy kitchen!

Agata Boruczkowska

Agata Boruczkowska

Agata Boruczkowska, SEO Specialist at – an enthusiast of good design and landscaping.

Lily Wili

Lily Wili

Lily Wili, Founder and Designer at Ever Wallpaper based in the United Kingdom.

Update Your Hardware, Use Lighter Colors

A kitchen can get a classy makeover without going over budget. You just have to amp up a few small details.

Firstly, you can update your hardware. It will modernize the entire kitchen space. By just replacing a cabinet or drawer, you can change the appearance of your kitchen, giving it a new and unique look.

Pivot toward using lighter colors in your kitchen. Light colors on the kitchen wall or cabinets will brighten up the space and make it look larger and, in turn, more elegant. These colors also reflect natural sunlight and hide defects in your kitchen, such as dents or scratches on cabinets.

Paint the Cabinets and Change the Handles

When you want to make your kitchen look ‘classier’ but have a smaller budget to work with than you’d like, you don’t need to worry! There are plenty of things you can do. My main tip would be to focus on the lighting within the space. Beautiful kitchen lighting ideas, like pendant shades or filament light bulbs, do not cost a lot to purchase and will make your kitchen look sleek and classy.

One smaller thing you can do that you will find completely transforms the look of your kitchen is to paint the cabinets (colors like blues, creams, and even browns work well) and change the handles. You may find you have an almost entirely new kitchen when in reality, all you have done is purchased a can of paint and some new handles.

Zara O’Hare

Zara O’Hare

Zara O’Hare is the interior design consultant at Land of Rugs and also operates her own practice.

Christina Giaquinto

Christina Giaquinto

Christina Giaquinto is the Professional Organizer and Brand Ambassador of Modular Closets, DIY customizable closet units that organize any space in your home.

De-clutter and Organize

A budget-friendly way to make sure your kitchen looks classy and doesn’t cost you anything is to keep it simplified, de-cluttered, and organized. A minimalist and simplified look allows your kitchen design to shine, whereas clutter makes a space look old and outdated.

By organizing the inside of your drawers and cabinets, there is an aesthetic element to it that gives your kitchen a classy and high-end look. For a kitchen, some of the most useful organizing tools are shelf liners, drawer dividers, and lazy Susans. A simplified kitchen is a classy kitchen.

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