7 Luxury Kitchen Upgrades to Wow Your Holiday Guests

Have you thought about your plans for the upcoming holiday season? It may seem a little early for that since it’s still October. But, before you know it, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve will be here. The time to start planning is now.

No matter which holiday you will be celebrating, if you plan on having a get-together, there’s no denying that the first thing on your mind is the food. Good food is vital for any successful party, which means that, most likely, your kitchen will be getting a lot of use.

Whether you are doing the cooking or someone else is, there will undoubtedly be people in and out of your kitchen throughout the entire celebration. If your kitchen is outdated or in disrepair, you will likely feel self-conscious about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can change your home’s whole look and feel by undergoing professional kitchen renovations. Opting for some luxury upgrades will make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.

Keep reading for ideas on luxury kitchen upgrades that will make the hub of your holiday get-togethers something you can be proud of.

Tear Down The Walls

If it is within your budget and is structurally feasible, you should consider a complete kitchen remodel. We’re talking about tearing everything out and starting from scratch. You may even choose to remove walls or add on to your home in order to get your dream kitchen.

As you design your new kitchen, there are things worth splurging for. Here are just a few:

Larger, Open Design

One of the number one complaints homeowners have about their kitchen is its size. Most people wish they had a bigger kitchen, especially when the holidays roll around.

Being cramped in a small kitchen with a bunch of relatives, each trying to cook their signature dish, can be tiring, to say the least.

The heat and congestion can cause emotions to run high, and people will constantly be stepping on each other’s toes, figuratively and literally.

But, if you opt for a larger kitchen with an open layout, there will be much less congestion and fewer chances for frustration.

An open design makes a kitchen connect seamlessly to other rooms. So, not only will there be more space for everyone to do their cooking, but the “traffic flow” of the home will be much smoother.

Larger Pantry

A larger pantry will seem like a luxury, as you will have plenty of space to organize and store food and small appliances. This can also free up counter space, making your kitchen look neater.

Enhanced Island

Kitchen islands are an ideal space for preparing and serving food. But, don’t just settle for the basic island. Choose a double or perpendicular island to enhance your kitchen further.

Updated Cabinetry

If tearing down walls isn’t an ideal solution for you, you can still do a luxury remodel by replacing your cabinets or upgrading the ones you already have. Consider these ideas as you design your new cabinets.

  • Stacked– Stacked cabinets add an additional top cabinet to an existing cabinet, taking the store space right up to the ceiling. While stacked cabinets provide additional storage space, they also give the kitchen a more modern look. The added cabinets can make the ceiling appear higher and lessen the clutter or dust that can accumulate on top of the cabinets. And if you’ve got the space, why not use it for more storage?
  • Glass– Opting for some of your cabinets to have glass fronts will allow you to display your beautiful dishes. The glass look will also give your kitchen a higher-end, classier feel.
  • Two-tone– A popular design right now is two-toned cabinets. This type of cabinet will give your home an inviting yet trendy look.
  • Paint– If you already have a good cabinet design but just want an updated look, you can simply have your existing cabinets painted or stained. Change out the hardware for a fresh finishing touch.

Luxury Flooring

Old linoleum flooring will age your kitchen faster than the large wooden spoon and fork on the wall (please take those down). Upgrade the ground you walk on by choosing one of these luxury flooring options.

  • Patterned Tile
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Natural Stone
  • Hardwood

High-End Countertops

The most utilized place in your kitchen during a get-together is the countertops. The countertops are where food is prepared and then set out to enjoy. The countertops are also a space to set drinks, cups, games, etc. Make a statement with your countertops with these luxury options.

  • Luxury Materials– Marble, granite, quartz, etc., are excellent choices for high-end-looking countertops. But, the rich grain of exotic wood is hard to beat when it comes to luxury countertops.
  • Waterfall Edge– This is where the countertop doesn’t end but makes a 90 degree turn at the edge of the top surface and runs down to the floor. It looks like your countertop is cascading to the ground. If you’re looking for modern and sleek, consider the waterfall edge, also known as the “slab end” or “mitered end.”

Upscale Lighting

In a luxury kitchen, the standard lighting options are not enough. Choose some of these stunning lighting ideas to give your kitchen a remarkable finish.

  • Add Natural Light– Having natural lighting in a kitchen will help save electricity, hinder mold and mildew growth, and increase airflow. Natural lighting also has health benefits such as improved mood, better sleep, and beneficial vitamin D. To add more natural lighting to your kitchen, you have skylights added to your ceiling or windows added to an outside wall.
  • Toe-kick Lighting– This LED lighting under the recessed space on the bottom of a cabinet (where you rest your toes/feet), is a great way to add subtle light to a kitchen.
  • Backlit Cabinets
  • Crystal Chandelier– Nothing says “luxury” quite like a crystal chandelier.

Get Smart

Technology has come a long way since coal stoves and ice boxes. To have a truly luxurious kitchen, you must have some high-tech, modern appliances, and fixtures. Some of these include the following:

  • Smart Fridge– Imagine a fridge that can play music and movies and read you recipes.
  • Dual-Fuel Range– Get the benefits of both gas and electric cooking in one appliance.
  • Touchless Faucet
  • Steam Oven
  • Touchless Trash Can
  • Warming or Refrigerated Drawers
  • Drawer Dishwashers– Pull them out only as far as you need rather than losing space to that full dropped-down dishwasher door.

Details, Details, Details

While all the large details are important to creating a luxury kitchen, don’t overlook the more minute ones. To have a truly luxurious kitchen, carefully consider every detail, such as these:

  • Cabinet Handles– The handles on your cabinets may be one of the smallest features in your kitchen, but their effect is huge. Don’t skimp on this part. Choose handles that are classy yet trendy to give your whole kitchen a boost.
  • Backsplash
  • Wall Color
  • Soap Dispensers– Opt for cute, refillable soap dispensers that match your kitchen decor for a classy look.
  • Wall Art

Even if you aren’t planning on hosting any get-togethers, now is still a great time to gift yourself the kitchen of your dreams by calling a professional kitchen remodeling company. Be sure to opt for some of these luxury upgrades to make your kitchen look like it’s ripped from a magazine.


You can give your guests royal treatment by upgrading your kitchen from simple to luxurious features during the holiday season. Changing the way even the most basic elements of your kitchen look and function can instantly elevate the quality of your holiday gatherings. This infographic provides a few great ideas to delight visitors and impresses them with your choice of kitchen upgrade.

7 Luxury Kitchen Upgrades to Wow Your Holiday Guests Infographic